The V Wave: Fabricated contagion

On February 22, 2020, once Dana Ashlie’s one-hour video calling attention to the 5G / 60 GHz oxygen factor behind the early Wuhan scenes went viral, we witnessed the very moment that the new massive 5G system was switched on in the Wuhan 5G Demonstration Zone. Reports of large numbers of crows circling and fish jumping out of lakes and waterways were everywhere in Hubei province. Half a world away, we watched as Chinese people in extreme respiratory distress flooded hospital emergency centers, experiencing loss of smell and taste, fever, aches, fatigue, dry cough, diarrhea, stroke, seizure, “fizzing,” an electric or burning sensation on the skin), and the breathlessness of oxygen distress.

In early April 2020, emergency medical physician Cameron Kyle-Sidell at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York noticed that lungs of COVID-19 victims were damaged, and their blood registered very low in oxygen. In fact, they seemed to be suffering oxygen starvation (hypoxia), as if they were in a jet at 35,000 feet with the cabin pressure dropping. Patients were breathing, but their oxygen was low, and ventilators made them over breathe. Inadequate oxygen delivery to cells is neither acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) nor pneumonia. In fact, losing oxygen (desaturation) is the fast track to organ failure.

5G is a millimeter wave weapon system destined to rule from space over the entire planet. To elite Chinese and Western secret societies with their eyes on the ancient past and distant future, and access to far more knowledge and technology than the public has access to, it has been essential to convince the planetary public that the drop-dead physiological reaction to switching on what was carefully prepared in Wuhan was not due to “millimeter wave contagion” but to viral contagion.

The situation is similar to the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 set forth by Arthur Firstenberg in his 2017 book The Invisible Rainbow.

When the U.S. entered World War One in 1917, its ships were powered by transmitters more powerful than ever, with 30-kilowatt Poulson arcs spraying the air with “unwanted harmonics,” then an even more powerful 500-kilowatt arc and 200-kilowatt alternator that together availed command-and-control (C2) transmissions to cross the Atlantic Ocean “clearly, continuously, and reliably,” whose “signal was heard over a large part of the earth.”

There is no evidence that the disease of 1918 was contagious. The Spanish influenza apparently originated in the United States in early 1918 and seemed to spread around the world on Navy ships, first appearing on board those ships and in seaports and Naval stations. The largest early outbreak, laying low about 400 people, occurred in February in the Naval Radio School at Cambridge, Massachusetts. In March, influenza spread to Army camps where the Signal Corps was being trained in the use of the wireless: 1,127 men contracted influenza in Camp Funston in Kansas, and 2,900 men in the Oglethorpe camps in Georgia. In late March and April, the disease spread to the civilian population and around the world. Mild at first, the epidemic exploded with death in September, everywhere in the world at once. Waves of mortality traveled with astonishing speed over the global ocean of humanity, again and again until their force was finally spent three years later.

When 5G was switched on in Wuhan, it too was “a signal heard over a large part of the Earth,” pulsing throughout the nanoparticulate-saturated atmosphere from which we all draw our breath and ringing the Schumann Well like a dissonant bell. The human population of 1918 underwent a massive electric atmospheric “injection” (or initiation?), and a third of the world’s population was devastated by “radio wave influenza” from extremely high RF signal ranges and ultra-strong microwave transmissions.

Now, 100 years later, the Earth population is undergoing an even more invasive injection / initiation of which Wuhan was the chosen nuncio. In the summer of 2020, floods plagued 27 provinces along the Yangtze River, Huai River, and Yellow River, as well as southern China. Had the Three Gorges Dam burst, Wuhan bore the brunt ten hours later.

The globalist elite really call the 60 GHz 5G wave “the V wave” (virus)…