ÅbøüT tHę ĀûTHøR

I am what you hide from the world; a detector of self-fed bullshit; a destroyer of malignant optimism; your own personified alarm clock; an unbalanced scale of polarity weighing on the compassionate side; the ghost of a murdered messenger of truth; a voice for those who know of the hidden atrocities but cannot or are too afraid to speak of them; an informer of the hidden knowledge of antiquity—pertaining to reality, existence, and the universe—that has been kept from you by narcissistic-psychopathic-technocratic elitists, as well as your own denial and lack of awareness. The truth stares you in the face; yet, while distracted by the black mirror (aka your “smart” phone) you fail to realize what’s always been right in front of you.

You don’t need to know anything about me. Rather, take a good look at who you think you are, past the digital façade (profile) of what you want others to perceive of you. Then, after a period of true self-reflection and disconnecting yourself from external attachments, figure out who you really are inside.

Nothing in this world is as it appears to be, and neither are you, nor I.

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