Parasitic Manipulation

The parasitic creatures known as Archons found within the Gnostic texts of the Nag Hammadi Codices and how they negatively influence humanity.

A Brief Look at Predictive Programming

A brief look at Predictive Programming and how it is used through the film industry to either warn or condition is to accept what is to come.

Democratic Socialism

How socialism is now the political agenda of the democratic party and how it is being implemented.

I’m a Barbie Whore

Mattel's Barbie is believed to be a good thing for little girls, in that, with her many different occupations, girls grow up believing they can be whatever they want to be in life. Whether as an archaeologist or a school teacher, nothing better fits Barbie's true nature when she's riding around in Ken's convertible as the typical gold-digger. But with the original Barbie doll created after a German prostitute doll made for men, we discover what Barbie truly is—a hooker. Is this a way of showing young girls they can be whatever they want to be, or are they being groomed to unconsciously want to be desirable or sexually appealing to men, who will pay good money to "play" with them?