We Are Taking a Break…

As the chaotic inversion from our "patriarchal" society to a technocratic matriarch ensues, there's been an overwhelming amount of stupidity, nonsense, and complete, utter bullshit occurring. Too much to keep up with that a temporary break is much needed. Will be working on a new novel for the time being. This is an indefinite break, … Continue reading We Are Taking a Break…

Coda Aria: A Return to the Esoteric Fundamentals of Previous Civilizations (part I)

A pseudoscientific dissertation on the esoteric principles that govern the cosmos and every atom vibrating within each living thing.

Egyptian Ritual of Osiris Performed at Capitol Hill [podcast]

America was not founded under Christianity, and continues to operate through pagan/demonic rituals.

Elite’s Endgame (my theory)

The question of whether or not an agenda for a one-world government being a sinister conspiracy to reduce the population or merely an attempt to facilitate a natural evolutionary step still remains a mystery to many, but I believe I know their endgame.