The mainstream media claims this information—if they cover it at all— as “fake news,” only to be believed by conspiracy theorists and awakened beings who are aware of themselves and everything around them. The media condemns these people as being incompetent, gullible, and unstable, while labeling them as either “radical leftists” or of the “alt-right.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

I cannot speak for everyone but I do not fall under either of these two political campaigns—none of them, for that matter. In the past, I have voted for the red team, the blue team, and even the green team—not in that order—and still have not seen any sort of return from any of these parties. In fact, the same agendas occur no matter who is elected as President, the same political agenda will happen.

If you truly care for your loved ones, your friends, the people you see on a daily basis, the faces you’ve become familiar with, and everything you have become accustomed to in your life; if you genuinely care for, and respect, the life you have and the future of not only humanity, but the world, please consider this information. No matter how fantastical they seem or how terrifying it truly is, it is not worth the risk to simply brush these off as mere conspiracy theories, or “fake” news.

Ask yourself, Do you think you could truly live with yourself knowing you chose to cover your eyes and sit on your ass, instead of standing up and fighting for the freedom of your kids and loved ones?

We, the people, are the foundation of the compartmentalized structure that is ruled by an elite few. We severely outnumber them, so if we refuse to listen to their lies and decide not to abide by these restrictions being placed on our freedom and livelihood, they will fall. And that is when, in favor of the people, justice will prevail.

The first and most crucial thing to be done, if starting at square one, is to completely forget nearly everything you’ve learned or been taught by other people—especially that of history, science, religion, physics and science. Thinking of your brain as a hard drive, it is full of many viruses and programs meant to keep you under a spell. These must be deleted in order to make room for the many truths that have been concealed from us.

To help accept the cold fact that you’ve been lied to your entire life, begin a meditation practice and commit to it daily. Nothing special. Then take a solid amount of time writing out your life experiences and your thoughts about them. True reflection is the key to opening your awareness of the world and self.

With this action, you will discover that everything that’s been fed to you is all bullshit at the end of the day and life is too short to worry about shit that may never happen. It’s the year 2020 now and it’s time for you to live the way you were meant to live. Not a life of constant routine of working nine to five, paying off debts and mortgages, and dealing with banks, which are the biggest Ponzi schemes in the world. From the American bankruptcy in 1933, we have been slaves or commodities to be sold and used for work and others’ financial gain. To pay off the country’s debt, a system based on Maritime and admiralty laws was put into place by FDR, where cash notes were no longer backed by gold. Anyone born after 1933 had an application signed by their mother which is the birth certificate. This created an artificial entity with your same name but in all-caps. This entity is what ties you to society and the state. It is not you though. Copyright and trademark both this name and your name to be free of anyone else owning you. For more on this, please read the post on Maritime/Admiralty Law.

After true reflection, you will gain more compassion towards yourself, others and the world. Even a bit more a understanding towards people who don’t know they are sheep. Just try and bring it to their attention whenever you can, but if they don’t want it, at least you tried. You can even try to help those who are blindly a part of the system.

For example, if an officer tries to give you a ticket for something that isn’t right or you know you don’t deserve, ask him how you are to pay that said ticket when you are in debt and without a job now due to this lockdown. If you pay the ticket, with no money, wouldn’t you be committing fraud? I can almost assure you fraud is much worse than whatever the officer is attempting to charge you with. Don’t feel obligated to be polite, or “politically correct.”

After he walks away, call him back and ask him this: “What exactly do you plan on telling your kids or grandkids when they ask what you were doing when the world became a police state?”